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How To Use

Download our how-to-use help sheet

Our how to use help sheet lists some of the bible stories that can be told with our Storystack characters. It shows the story, the characters required and their numbers (so they are easy to find) and also any animals/scenery or props required.

It's in a handy to use A4 PDF format - ideal for printing out.

Download our how to use help sheet here

Tips for use

  • Stories can be read from the bible, from a children's story bible or teaching series or from the printable stories provided on our website.
  • The 24 figures are not designed to be specific characters, although some are particularly suitable for certain roles.
  • It is important that the children are involved as much as possible without disrupting the flow of the story too much. It will help if each child knows who their character is and listens for the character's name so that they can do the appropriate action. The figures do not have arms and legs that can be moved so some actions can only be imagined!
  • If there is a larger number of children than characters in the story, a child can be in charge of an animal or a piece of scenery. In a story with lots of characters, animals and scenery, a small group of children will be busy!
  • The children can make houses, trees and other features for the scenes and even additional characters. Download our Storystack figure template (PDF) for children to make their own figure. Perhaps they could draw a figure of themselves to add to the crowd of people listening to Jesus speaking? Farm and zoo animals can be used from any set you have available. The sizes may be a bit of a mismatch but imagination can make the necessary adjustments!

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