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Our Story

Visual aids can help young children to remember a bible story but here are some experiences you may have shared.....

I can't use these for any other story

Mmm.....2 dimensional flat and unexciting

Bit small - could they even see it at the back?

Stick man thinking

I took ages making these and they are ruined

Annoying - they fell over when I opened the window

What shall I do with them now - we haven't got storage space


The idea for the Storystack characters came from the similar sounding story sacks - sacks containing a book and a collection of related props and activities. Having visual aids to accompany story-telling can enable children to be involved and give a focus to the children who find listening challenging. They may also make a story more memorable and can be linked into follow-on activities such as craft.

The Storystack figures are designed to be large enough for group story-telling, re-useable and hand washable, sturdy and free-standing, easy to hold and stackable for storage.

We hope they can be used in church groups, primary schools and pre-schools and homes. We will be interested to hear how you use them!

Once we have covered our costs, all profits will go to charity - details will be shown on the website when we reach that stage.

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