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Feedback from a toddler group

Thursday 17 May 2018

I am grateful to this customer for some helpful and encouraging feedback. She bought a set of Storystack characters for the toddler group and this was the feedback from one of the group leaders after their first use.....

****** has very kindly bought some stacking Bible character cups for us to use in Toddler Group. I used them for the first time this morning and I can confirm that they were a success.

I looked on the website – www.storystack.co.uk – which is very clear and straightforward. It tells you the different characters the cups can represent, as well as a series of stories that they can be used for, plus words for the stories if you need them.

I did the Resurrection story this morning, using the story they provide on the website as a guide. (It was Matthew 27-28). I shortened it a bit.

I have brought the box of cups home with me, so I suggest I bring them round to you and show them to you before you do it next week. Obviously no one has to use them, but they did work well, and it’s also nice to have some new story ideas. I was a bit worried that the children might find the faces creepy, but they clearly don’t – someone knows far more about young children then I do, clearly.

So, thanks very much, ****** – they’re a great addition!


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