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Key Stage 1 - Easter

Saturday 30 March 2019

An idea for Easter in school - just a set of Storystack charcters needed, very little preparation.

The teaching point is that Jesus knew what was going to happen - it was planned by God and Jesus was always obedient to God's plan.
Read Matthew 26:20-30.
Explain that this special meal was celebrated every year by Jewish people remembering a time when they were rescued from slavery hundreds of years earlier. It was called the Passover. 
Jesus wanted to teach his 12 special followers, the apostles, that what would happen in the next few days was planned by God. He knew that Judas, one of these apostles, would betray him, he knew that he would be arrested by the religious leaders and that he would die. All this had been explained in very old writings called prophecies hundreds of years before. 
The passover meal, Judas' actions and the name Jesus calls himself (Son of Man) all point back to these very old writings. Everything would happen 'just as it is written about him' (verse 24).
Then Jesus gives them a new special meal of bread and wine, to remember what was about to happen to him. We call this special meal 'Communion' and it happens in church services to remind us of Jesus's death for us.
He is in control of things hundreds of years ago, now and in the future.
The children can choose 13 Storystack characters to represent Jesus and the 12 apostles (all men who are named in the bible). I drew a table with the passover meal on it using chalk pens that can be washed off.
Perhaps you could suggest that number 10 could be Judas and ask if any of them know why he would be good for the part? (he has a bag of money because he was given silver coins for telling the religious leaders where they could find Jesus to arrest him).


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